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 How To Choose Wool Felt?

Nov. 28, 2019

When Industrial Wool felts Factory choose felt products, they need to be reasonably selected according to different uses, types and properties, and they also have different requirements for raw material components

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The filter felt requires high filtration efficiency and no lint when filtering gasoline. Therefore, it is required that there is no dead hair in the blended ingredients, low impurity content, fine wool fibers, high curl degree, and good fuzzing.Insole felt is used to pad cotton soles or to make cotton shoes, the requirements of the felt insulation good, low price, but color requirements are not high. Therefore, when choosing mixed ingredients, do not consider color, do not consider color, black hair white hair can be, generally with a variety of miscellaneous hair to produce. Strive for low-cost wool fibers generally account for 80-85 % of the total cost of production. Therefore, the determination of mixture composition has a great impact on the production cost.

On the premise of ensuring product quality, choose the lower grade raw materials, and try to choose recycled wool, recycled wool and other raw materials, which can not only reduce the cost but also expand the raw material resources, to solve the problem of insufficient raw materials of feeling.

Of course, felt products are processed on the basis of felt, and the color itself is basically the same, so it depends on whether the color is the same as the original felt color. If the difference is too large, it means that the product quality needs to be verified. Pay attention to the particularity of felt materials. The most commonly used identification method is to burn with fire. The quality of the felt is mainly distinguished by the smell of the burning. Good quality felt has a small hair taste if it is burned with fire. If the smell is other taste, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of it.

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