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Regular Maintenance of the Benefits of Industrial Wool Felts

Sep. 29, 2019

As an Industrial Wool Felts Factory, let's share with you the benefits of regular maintenance of Industrial Wool Felts.

For the Industrial Wool Felts anti-slip products that are very common in our lives, we must pay more attention to professional maintenance and maintenance. Because this is an important factor to effectively ensure the good application of the product, especially for non-slip products, because of the importance of the product in each device and supplies, it is necessary to customize a very standardized maintenance plan, and thus effective Guarantee the practical characteristics of the product.

Custom Wool Felts

Custom Wool Felts

Frequently use a high-quality soft brush to remove dust from the surface of Industrial Wool Felts to maintain the bright color and appearance of wool felt. From time to time, the wool fabric is rested, so that the wool fiber has time to breathe and restore its natural characteristics. Wool fibers have a natural stain resistance, but if you accidentally get dirty, use a semi-dry towel to avoid leaving traces. Do not use warm, hot water or bleach to clean the stains of wool products. If you need to carry out sputum, please be sure to do it gently to avoid damage to fiber quality. If the surface has hairballs due to friction, it can be trimmed directly with small scissors without affecting the appearance of the Custom Wool Felts fabric.

Products that are often very hot and too small will always be ignored by everyone, so it will effectively affect the good applicability of each item. For the display of this phenomenon, first of all, the application must fully understand the most professional maintenance method, because it can effectively improve the good applicability of Custom Wool Felts.