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Characteristics Of The Use Of Industrial Felt

May. 07, 2019

As an Industrial Wool Felt Factory, we are here today to introduce you to the characteristics of industrial felt.

Industrial felt is mainly used in industrial construction, and can be used as anti-vibration, polishing, heat preservation and sealing. Industrial felts have good bonding properties and are not easy to loose. Industrial wool felts have good insulation properties and can be used as thermal insulation materials. Industrial felts are also flexible and can be used as sealing applications. Industrial felts can also be machined into parts that can be die cut into various shapes and can be used in different requirements in different industries.

The characteristics of Wool Felts: tight structure, small pores, and in manufacturing, the thickness is not limited as the fabric, it can be used as a good filter material. It has good wear resistance and can be used as a polishing material.

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