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Characteristics and Use of Wool Felt

Jan. 20, 2020

Wool Suction felt (also called absorbent felt) is a form of absorbent cotton. It has the characteristics of high oil absorption multiple, non-loose, non-deformation after being saturated with oil, easy to salvage, etc. After being squeezed, the linoleum can be reused several times and can be recycled without causing secondary pollution. The advantages of linoleum also include flame retardancy, no dust, and no storage time limit. We are a professional high-quality wool felt manufacturer.

Features of Felt:

1. Large oil absorption. It is more than ten times its own weight. Generally speaking, light oil diesel is more than 10 times, heavy diesel oil is more than 18 times, and mechanical oil is 12 times or more.

2. Fast oil absorption. It can absorb oil in a short time.

3. It only absorbs oil and does not absorb water. It can float on the water surface after absorbing oil.

4. Easy and fast operation.


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How to use felt:

1. When using linoleum, the operator can spray on the water on the ship or on the shore, or use a small aircraft to spray on the water in large quantities. It is best to put the linoleum directly on the oil spill, try to put it in the place where there is more oil spill, and it is best to stir it in order to absorb more oil spill. An appropriate amount of linoleum should be put on the linoleum so that it is saturated with oil. After the oil absorption of the linoleum reaches saturation, the water surface should be removed as soon as possible to avoid staying in the water for a long time.

2. When using linoleum, do not use oil spill dispersant at the same time, so as not to reduce the absorbing capacity of the linoleum.

3. According to the amount of oil spilled, sea conditions and weather, flow rate and flow direction, even if the linoleum is used and recovered in time, a small amount of linoleum can be manually caught by boat. When the quantity of linoleum put in is large, it can be recovered by towing net bags on the workboat.

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