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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Wool Felt

Dec. 17, 2019

Industrial wool felt are not only cold and warm, and in other aspects also have a great use, but also to pay attention to its cleaning and maintenance.

Felt must often keep porous, soft and uniform, after using for a period of time, it may be stuck with resin, clay oil metal caused by pore blockage, to clean clay and pigment, will use polyphosphate; And dissolved aluminum and other metal pollutants, commonly used hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid. You can prepare 1000 ml of water at a temperature of 40-50 ° c, plus 2 kg of a non-ionic surfactant and 4 kg of sodium tripolyphosphate. This mixture is suitable for 100 kg of felt. Generally speaking, every time after cleaning 10-20 minutes, then rinse with clear water, you can basically clean the resin on the felt, or relatively simple.

Synthetic Fiber Felt

And at ordinary times should pay attention to the felt insect control, for relatively small items, you can put them into the microwave processing for a few minutes, can achieve the purpose of moth prevention. And for larger article, usable repellent, also can wrap a few camphor balls with paper, twine wool above with it as axis again, with this kind of method, can achieve the effect that eliminates insect moth-proof. After use, had better want to wash clean, avoid the product that invites a worm to have residue, clean can very good prevent moth to eat, after cleaning, of course, notice to must be dried completely again use even.

The adhesive performance of synthetic fiber felt is very good, not easy to loose, can be cut into various shapes of parts, insulation performance is good, can be used as thermal insulation materials, and good adsorption effect on the liquid, can be used as an oil, liquid adsorption.