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What Aspects do you need to Consider when Choosing a Felt?

Aug. 21, 2019

Felt is a relatively old fabric. With the development of the times, the felt has not only disappeared but also provided very important help for our life and production activities. It can be said that the felt is presented in different forms in front of everyone, for example, Industrial Wool Felts, felt strips, and the like. Although the form is different, it is convenient for people. Of course, felt mats and the like have become an indispensable tool in our production, but what aspects of the selection of felt need to be considered? As an Industrial Wool Felts Factory, let's explain it to everyone.

1. The unit weight of the felt (g/cm3) will lose its elasticity when it is too large, and the wear loss will be lost if the unit volume is too small. Thickness, the thickness of wool, etc. all have an impact on various properties. The user can use it according to the requirements of use. It is best to inform the product first when purchasing, so as not to affect the production.

Industrial Wool Felts

Industrial Wool Felts

2. At present, all kinds of felts are divided into special felts and general felts. The difference of the variety is divided according to the thickness of the raw material, the weight of the unit volume (that is, the tightness of the density) and the difference of the color: the technical requirements are divided according to the presence, no strength, elongation, capillary action, and the unit can be used as needed. Choose it. This standard can be used for inspection.

3. Description of the type of Wool Felts. When ordering the felt, you only need to put forward the product number you need according to the standard category number of the department and also propose the specifications such as thickness and long width. If you need to dye, you should also propose the color requirement.

The above is the way we choose to introduce Wool Felts. We hope to provide you with useful information. If you want to know more, please contact us!