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Daily care for Wool Felts

Sep. 21, 2019

With more and more felt products, felts are becoming more and more popular. Felt pads, felt strips and Wool Dryer Ball are also widely used. So how to save Wool Felts?

Polishing Felts Supplier recommends that Wool Felts be kept in the best condition after use. It is recommended to wrap the remaining wool in a plastic bag to prevent moisture from running out. If the wool loses moisture, there will be a lot of burrs on the things you make. You can spray less water on the unused wool and wrap it in a bag so that the wool can retain moisture.

Cleaning Wool Felts is also very particular. Wool Felts generally do not need to be cleaned before use. If it is stained and determined to be cleaned, the wool is infested in the clear water below 30 degrees. Gently rub, you can add a small amount of detergent to wash, dehydrate and then rinse with water. In dehydration, dry it.

Festival Decoration Craft Felts Gift Custom

Festival Decoration Craft Felts Gift Custom

In addition, if there is a small hairball on the surface of the wool felt, trim it with small scissors. After the wool felt is finished, use a soft brush to brush off the surface dust, and do not use it every day. Occasionally let it rest, it will give it time to breathe and can be stored for a long time.

The above is some information about the daily care of felt. I hope you can read it later. If you want to know more about Festival Decoration Craft Felts Gift Custom, please contact us.