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Different Felts Have Different Uses

Jul. 26, 2019

Wool Felts Flowers Factory believes that the felts selected also have different requirements for the ingredients of the felt depending on the use, type and nature. For example, the filter felt requires high filtration efficiency and no lint when filtering gasoline. Therefore, it is required that there is no dead hair in the mixed component, the impurity content is low, the wool fiber is fine, the curling degree is high, and the fluffing property is good. Another example is that the shoe felt is used to pad the cotton sole or to be used in cotton shoes. The felt is required to have good warmth and low price, but the color requirement is not high. Therefore, when selecting the compounding ingredients, the color is not considered, the color is not considered, and the black and white hairs can be used, and generally, various kinds of hairs are used for production.

Decorative Handmade Felts Fabric Flowers

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