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How To Distinguish Between Wool Felt and Chemical Fiber Felt?

Jul. 08, 2019

As an Industrial Wool Felts Factory, let's teach you how to distinguish between wool felt and chemical fiber felt.

Pure felt is made by bonding pure wool; chemical fiber felt is made of wool and chemical fiber products. The material of the felt is pure natural wool. The most direct way to distinguish it is to smash some wool from the felt and use it to ignite. The wool and wool are smoked during the incineration and accompanied by foaming. The incineration has burning hair. taste. After incineration, the ash is black and brittle and has no char. From the appearance of the investigation, the pure felt feels soft, flexible, fine lines and rules.

Specialty Wool Felts

Relatively speaking, chemical fiber felt is made of wool and chemical fiber, and its price is lower than that of pure felt. Its performance combines the characteristics of pure felt insulation and softness. The chemical fiber felt can also use the taste of incineration and ash to distinguish the specific gravity of the material, and it is possible to distinguish the hand from the static electricity.

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