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How can I effectively keep the softness of Wool Felts?

Oct. 25, 2019

  The turn of the fall and winter is a season of cooler weather, warming your heart with a bag made of warm felt. A touch of furry touch will bring you warm sunshine. Apply the popular felt material to the bag, which is delicate and full of fashion.

  After the designer's redesign, the felt is not the only simple color and monotonous image in your memory. In fact, felt crafts have at least dozens of basic colors, and they have different shapes. If you're bold enough, choose the Decorative Wool Felts in the living room, such as a felt-like sofa with a colorful felt rug or a pure white felt Christmas tree or fruit-green felt snowflake on the holiday season. Coasters, etc., create a visual contrast while adding a touch of festive color to the upcoming Christmas.

Wool Felts

Decorative Wool Felts

  Craft Felts Bag is mostly made of imitation wool. It is made of processed and bonded. It is not cheaper than wool and is more environmentally friendly. It does not need to kill innocent animals to obtain animal hair. Felt gives you a whole winter care! The soft and warm texture of the felt is favored by more and more people. This time, people not only pay attention to its practical value but also pay special attention to its beauty. The felt that has been picked up again shows more than we think. Warm and lightweight felt material, lightweight shoulder bag, felt bags, easy to carry with your trivial items, experience fashion and trendy.

  Usually, we all know that the wool felt will appear hard after a period of use, then, how to effectively maintain the softness of the wool felt, as a Decorative Wool Felts Supplier, tell everyone about the secret.

  Wool felt should be well maintained, and wool products should be regularly maintained. Only in this way can it maintain its shape and make its touch lasting for a long time. In the process of use, always use a high-quality soft brush to brush the dust on the surface, so as to maintain the color of the wool felt and maintain its softness so that its appearance is long-lasting.

  After using it for a while, you can rest your wool products, that is, stop using them, so that it has time to breathe and restore natural elasticity. Because the wool felt has certain resistance to stains, it should be treated immediately after accidentally dropping the stains. This will prevent the stain from infiltrating into the fibers for a long time, causing unnecessary damage. Do not wash with warm water, hot water, or bleach after stains. Don't be too aggressive, it will cause damage to itself. If the surface has hairballs due to friction, it can be trimmed directly with small scissors, and will not affect the appearance of the wool felt. When collecting wool felt, please wash it thoroughly, dry it completely, and seal it.