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Felt brings fashion to life

Oct. 17, 2019

  The ancient decorative element of Wool Felts is now reawakened and is favored by more and more people. This time, people not only pay attention to its practical value but also pay special attention to its beauty. The felt that has been picked up again shows more than we think. Wool felt figure can be seen everywhere in life. Wool felt has brought a lot of changes to our life. It is the oldest fabric form in human history. The history can be traced back to at least 6500 BC, at least eight times ago. The history of thousands of years belongs to the form of non-woven fabrics.

  After the designer's redesign, the felt is not the only simple color and monotonous image in your memory. In fact, felt crafts have at least dozens of basic colors, and they have different shapes. If you're bold enough, choose the Decorative Wool Felts in the living room, such as a felt-like a sofa with a colorful felt rug or a pure white felt Christmas tree or fruit-green felt snowflake on the holiday season. Coasters, etc., create a visual contrast while adding a touch of festive color to the upcoming Christmas.

Decorative Wool Felts

Decorative Wool Felts

  Today, the company advocates creating a low-carbon and environmentally friendly social environment. The simple felt cloth creates a modern felt bag under the designer's clever design and original design, which gives the simple life a colorful and youthful vibrancy.

  Felt protection is not only waterproof, strong, and light, but because of its unique elemental structure, its outline is surprisingly simple and neat, and it has a natural charm for the post-modern evolution that is so excessive that it wants to return to the human being. Felt is a very design style. With the cutting machine, the felt is shaped into the felt bag, wallet, mobile phone case and so on. Modern simplicity, the pursuit of fashion and trend, practical and both. Whether it is a gift from friends and relatives, or a meeting gift or business gift, it is the best choice. It shows a refined and elegant, simple and luxurious life.

  The geese-yellow felt sofa with a sleek design is matched with a color-matched felt rug, which is both practical and can block the cold. Felt vases and table mats, the warm colors convey a warm warmth to you in the winter.

  Colorful Wool Felts uses pigments to process wool and fiber raw materials into different colors. It is used by humans earlier than textile, knitting and other technologies. The hair has both soft and tough properties, good fiber elasticity, comfortable touch, and good reducibility. Because the wool felt products are folded, they can quickly return to their original shape and are not easily deformed. In addition, its fiber structure can be tightly entangled, and its tough characteristics do not need to be processed through knitting, sewing, etc., and can be completely integrated. Dyeing the wool into the desired color, after opening, combing, auxiliary net, fluffing, and rolling, (the flakes formed by the auxiliary net are heated to open the scales of the wool itself, and the shrinking of the flakes is made by heat sealing. The flakes are joined together at the top, bottom, left and right, and become a felt without latitude and weft. According to the required density requirements, the strength of the cross is achieved. After being dried and flattened into felt, the natural wool of wool felt is not interwoven with warp and weft. It is made of wool felting, which is elastic, not loose, heat-insulated, compact and wear-resistant. Uses shockproof, sealing, gasketing, oil seal, heat preservation, dustproof, polishing materials, filtration, etc. Widely used in automobiles, ships, trains, machinery manufacturing, chemical, electric power, household appliances, cement machinery polishing, civil painting felts and beds, shoes, furniture mats, is also a new type of composite processing materials.