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How Is Felt Made?

Mar. 20, 2020

Most fabrics are woven, which means that they are woven on a loom, with interlaced warp threads (threads or fibers aligned longitudinally on the loom) and weft threads (threads that pass through and intersect with the warp threads ) Fibers to form a flat fabric.

Wool felt is a dense non-woven fabric without any warp or weft. In contrast, felt fabrics are made of matte and compressed fibers or fur without an obvious threading system.

Traditionally, felts are produced when these fibers and/or fur are pressed together by heat, humidity, and pressure; we call this wet pressing. Our felts are often a blend of wool and synthetic fibers to make strong, resilient felt for process or industrial use.

Polishing Felt

Today, some felts are made entirely of synthetic fibers, using a dry needling process. Using pre-dyed synthetic fibers, harpoon-shaped fine needles are used to press the fibers into a compact structure. If you look closely, you may see small holes that are basically invisible to the average viewer. The use of synthetic fibers in the drying process allows us to make washable and non-fading felts in our hard felt production line.

The width, length, color, or thickness of the felt may vary depending on its intended use. This matte material is particularly useful as a filler and liner because it is dense and can be very thick. In addition, because the fabric is not woven, the edges can be cut without having to worry about the threads becoming loose and the fibers falling apart. Pressed wool felt fibers generally absorb dyes well, craft felts are available in a variety of colors, and industrial-grade felts usually maintain their natural state. In fact, felt has a wide range of applications in residential and industrial environments. Felt is used in air fresheners, children's bulletin boards, craft bags, festive clothing and decorations, stamp pads, appliance interiors, gaskets, as clothing reinforcements or pads, and also as mats, polishing felt or industrial machinery In the sealant.