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How To Maintain Wool Felt Products?

May. 15, 2019

Wool fiber's unique reductive and elastic properties, wool products, such as regular maintenance, can be more durable than other natural fibers and man-made fiber products. Please take care of the wool felt fabric according to the care instructions on the product tag to ensure a long-lasting look and feel. As a Felt Halloween Treat Bags Supplier, we have the following recommendations for the maintenance of wool felt products.

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● Always use high-quality soft brush to remove surface dust to maintain the bright color and appearance of wool felt fabric.

● Rest the wool fabric from time to time to ensure that the wool fiber has time to breathe and restore its natural characteristics.

●Wool fiber has natural anti-staining properties, but if you accidentally contaminate the dirt, please handle it as soon as possible to avoid leaving traces. Do not use warm, hot water or bleach to clean the stains of wool products; if you need to rub, be sure to gently smear to avoid damage to fiber quality.

● If the surface has hairballs due to friction, it can be trimmed directly with small scissors, and will not affect the appearance of the wool felt fabric.

●When collecting, please wash it thoroughly, dry it completely, and seal it.

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