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How To Identify The Quality Of Wool Felts?

Jun. 17, 2019

As people's living standards continue to improve, felt is also used in all aspects of life. Of course, Wool Felts also has good quality, so how should we identify it? Industrial Wool Felt Factory is here to share several methods.

Wool Felts is generally divided into pure felt and chemical fiber felt. Pure felt is made by bonding pure wool. Chemical fiber felt is made of wool and chemical fiber products. Because of the good elasticity of felt products, it is often used as shockproof and cushioning. The material, which has high density, is also the first of the filtration products and has strong thermal insulation resistance. It is the best choice for thermal insulation materials and polishing and polishing materials.

Wool Felts

The raw material of Wool Felts is pure natural wool. The most straightforward method is to smash part of the wool from the felt and ignite it with fire. The wool emits smoke during the burning process and is accompanied by a foaming state. The burning material has the taste of burning hair. After burning, the ash is a black brittle block with no char. From the surface, the pure felt feels soft, elastic, and the texture is fine and regular.

Relatively speaking, chemical fiber felt is made of wool and chemical fiber, and its price is lower than that of pure felt. Its performance combines the characteristics of pure felt insulation and softness. The chemical fiber felt can also distinguish the specific gravity of the raw material by using the burning taste and the ash, and it is possible to distinguish the hand from the static electricity.