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Industrial Wool Felt In Industrial Machinery

Jun. 12, 2019

Industrial Wool Felt is moisture-repellent and flexible for automotive door and window seals and central door and window seals. Polishing Felt Supplier felts are widely used in machinery, military, metallurgy, mining, forestry, textile, leather, printing, electromechanical, communications, instrumentation, medical equipment, transportation, aviation, marine, electronics, electrical, piano, musical instruments. , mirror and stainless steel polishing and other flat polishing applications.

Industrial Wool Felt has the functions of filtration, polishing, sealing, gaskets, insulation, shockproof, oil absorption, oil protection, heat preservation, heat insulation, and sound insulation.

It has good wear resistance and can be used as polishing material. Industrial Wool Felt is made of natural wool and is machined and bonded using the fleece properties of wool (non-latitude and longitude interlacing). The heat preservation machine is better and can be used as a heat insulation material.

It is flexible and can be used as a material for shockproof, sealed, gasketed and elastic wire felts. The structure is compact and the pores are small, which can be used as a good filter material.

Because the Industrial Wool Felt's compact density machine can punch out a variety of felt parts.

Industrial Wool Felt