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5 Kinds of Felt 2

Apr. 23, 2020

Polyester wool felt manufacturer shares with you.

3. Mixed wool felt

Blended felt refers to felt made of real wool. There are two common blended felts used for hand-made homes, 35% wool / 65% rayon blend and 20% wool / 80% rayon blend. One of the main differences between blended felt and handmade felt is that felt is made of wool. The result is a soft, luxurious felt that actually has some characteristics of real wool. Comparing polyester craft felt with wool blended felt, the blended felt will have a very textured texture. In 35% wool / 65% rayon felt, some of them also have gathered colour. This is because wool fibres are intertwined, and the result is a rich, two-tone effect.

Although the price of 20% wool / 80% rayon felt is lower than the blend of 35% wool / 65%, many merchants sell it at the same price. This kind of felt can be bought online and at major fabric chain stores. Blended felts come in more than 100 colours. This kind of felt can be bought in pieces. Blended felt is more expensive than handmade felt, but the price is reasonable.

Recommended uses of blended felts include: home decorating techniques such as pillows, table mats and garlands, heirloom-quality holiday decorations, and sewing crafts using wool felt patterns.

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4. 100% wool felt

Unlike blended felt, as the name suggests, 100% wool felt is made of 100% wool. 100% wool felt has thicknesses of 1.2 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm. The real 100% wool felt is sold by yards and the price is quite expensive. This felt has a luxurious feel and is used in professional clothing and home decoration applications.

100% wool felt can be bought online and in some retail stores that sell fabrics.

The recommended uses of 100% felt include: 1.2mm felt can be used to make hats, clothes, pillows and other home decorations. 1.2-2mm can be used for children's shoes and slippers. 2mm and 3mm felt are best used for fashion, fashion accessories, hats, table decorations and computer accessories. 5mm felt is most suitable for wall coverings, decorative pendants and wall art.

5. Needle felt-100% wool roving

The puncher is a technique that uses wool roving and needles to create a decorative effect on clothes and home decor, as well as creating cute animals and dolls. Wool roving is a kind of combed wool that is rubbed into a ball and then entangled in fibres. There are many tutorials and toolkit projects that can use the needle tying technique.

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