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5 Kinds of Felt 1

Apr. 23, 2020

Felt is a great material for crafts, home decoration projects, and fashion. It is easy to cut, sew, glue and decorate, and there are many colours to choose from. The key to using felt is to choose the right type for your project. Our company provides coloured craft felt.

1. Craft felt

Craft felt is the general term for 100% man-made synthetic felt. The felt is mainly acrylic, polyester, rayon or rayon/viscose blend. Felt comes in many colours and styles. This type of felt is available in major craft chains and online.

Most felts are pre-cut into 9-inch x 12-inch sheets. However, you can find handmade felt in the yard. In addition to a variety of beautiful colours, craft felts are also available in glitter films, self-adhesive back films, and added with reinforcing agents.

Craft felt is best used for projects such as children's crafts, seasonal festival crafts, schools, or camping crafts.

Colored Craft Felt

2. Eco-friendly felt

There is a very popular Eco-fi blanket on the market. Eco-fi is a polyester fibre made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The look and feel of eco-fibre felt is very similar to the original polyester craft felt, but it is slightly harder. Felt is available with glitter, in rainbow colours, felt figures, and a row of embossed patterns.

Ecological fi craft felts can be found everywhere in major craft chain stores and on the Internet. Buy thin, pre-cut sheets, or buy them by code. Check the Eco-fi name of the felt packaging to ensure that the felt you purchased is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The other felt is bamboo/rayon blended. Bamboo is considered a sustainable fibre because it is a fast-growing crop that can grow almost anywhere, releases more oxygen than trees, and does not require chemical fertilizers. There is some debate about how to convert plant fibres into usable bamboo threads. However, it is definitely more environmentally friendly than 100% synthetic materials.

Use eco-friendly felts: All the same types of handicrafts are used as regular handicraft felts.

The above information is provided by the industrial felt manufacturer.