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Materials And Advantages Of Wool Felt Bag

Nov. 22, 2019

Many people often come into contact with wool felt bag, but they are not familiar with the material of wool felt bag. Wool felt manufacturer would like to introduce the main materials of wool felt bag. The main materials of wool felt bag are wool, polyester chemical fiber, polypropylene chemical fiber, which are made by dyeing, laser engraving, sewing, packaging and so on.

Chemical fiber felt is made of polyester, polypropylene, acrylic fiber, imported fiber as raw materials, chemical fiber with natural or synthetic polymer materials as raw materials, through chemical or physical processing and made of fiber collectively.

Decorative Handmade Felt Fabric Flowers

Chemical fiber felt has good extensibility and can be used for leather rolling belt and paper pulping belt.

The chemical fiber felt has the property of moisturizing and elasticity, and can also be made into automobile door and window sealing strip and central door and window sealing strip.

The felt is waterproof, warm and loose. It is not only fashionable but also practical to make bags. The most important feature of feeling is its recyclability, which is very environmentally friendly. A bag made of felt material is a felt bag. The main material of the whole package is felt, which is matched with various shapes of metal, leather and other decorations. In fact, the felt bag is the low-carbon environmental protection product recognized by European and American countries, and the felt bag does not scratch any article. The second is that the felt can be into a variety of colors, the hardness and thickness of the felt can be controlled, according to the design of the felt bag can choose the hardness of the felt.

The finished product made of felt is also much cheaper than other animal skins such as PU leather.

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