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What Should Pay Attention To When Choosing A Non-slip Product Felt?

Jun. 04, 2019

Although the use of inferior products is the same, there is no good quality application for the application effect, so for each operator, it is necessary to pay more attention and face up, first of all, take the anti-slip products felt very hot in various fields. In terms of the importance of this product in the operation of each device, it is necessary to carry out the most professional purchase. As an Industrial Felt Manufacturer, today we will come together to find out about the product's attention to the exact purchase.

Felt Mask

To choose a good felt, you must first look at the felt with the following characteristics:

1. The structure is compact and the pores are small, which can be used as a good filter material.

2. Good insulation performance can be used as thermal insulation material.

3. Good wear resistance can be used as a polishing material and is elastic, so it is bounded by the shrinking principle.

After the shrinkage bonding, the density can be used separately depending on the size. For example, felt pads, felt wheels, felt rings. Felt oil seals can also be dyed into colored felts to make different ornaments, such as Felt Mask, felt bags, and the like.