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How do you deal with the smell of wool felt rolls?

Sep. 10, 2019

We know that felt has a long history and brings warmth to each of our homes. Its style is also diverse, giving us different visual effects. It is unique in its characteristics, and it is the same as the wool felts rolls we use. Then we have used it for a long time without good maintenance, and there will be an odor, so what should we do?

The felt is made of natural wool. The production process is based on the mutual exchange of the flakes of the wool itself. The main features are: due to the good felting property, the elasticity is not easy to loose, it can be used as shockproof, sealed and cushioned. Punch and cut into parts of various shapes. It has good heat preservation performance and can be used as heat insulation and heat preservation material. It can be used as heat insulation, heat preservation, and flame retardant after flame retardant treatment. According to the characteristics of the felt, the structure is tight, and the pores are small, which can be used as a good oil filter material. Good wear resistance can be used as polishing and polishing materials. There is also a lot of polishing felts supplier. Wool felt is a non-woven form of fabric that has been used by humans earlier than textile, knitting and other techniques. At the same time, wool felt has many characteristics and benefits and can be made into different crafts according to its characteristics. The wool felt is elastic and can be used as a material for shockproof felts, sealing felts, felt liners and elastic wire felts. The industrial felt has good adhesive properties and is not easy to lose. It can be punched and formed into a felt wheel, a felt ring and a felt pad. Wool felt can be made into various shaped felts according to the drawings. Industrial wool felts have good insulation properties and can be used as thermal insulation materials. Due to the compact density of the felt, the stamping can be used to produce a variety of felt parts. The wool felt belt has better flexibility and can reach the specified length. The leather rolling belt and the paper suction belt can be used. The warmth of the felt is also very good, and it can be made into a felt insole, a shoe upper, a shoe felt. The felt is moisturizing and elastic, and can be made into a car door and window felt seal, a central door and window felt the seal.

 wool felt rolls

Wool Felt Rolls

Felt products are really low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but after using them for a while, they will emit an unpleasant smell, which is unbearable. In particular, there are some decorative wool felts that will be used at home. Indeed, they are not only durable, but they can also be directly recycled and reused when not in use, and they are truly worthy of the name of low-carbon environmental protection. The appearance of odor is an easy problem to solve. Most of these problems occur because of dampness. The solution is simple: just put it in the sun and dry it. If you think this is not enough, you can put some activated carbon on it. You can go to the supermarket hypermarket to buy the refrigerator deodorant, bring a large plastic bag, put the deodorant into the plastic bag, tie the mouth of the bag, in order to make the bag seal we can find a clip, put the plastic bag mouth clip Tight. Then put it in a cool place to dry for a day. After a day, the adsorbent material such as activated carbon in the deodorant will absorb the odor on the wool. It is also possible to use an activated carbon deodorant. All the problems are solved easily.