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Sound Insulation Felt Making Principle

Feb. 03, 2020

As for the sound insulation felt, as the name suggests, it is a felt that can isolate sound. In fact, generally, everything can be soundproofed, but the sound insulation effect is different. Soundproofing felts are felts with average sound insulation of more than 30db. 30db refers to a kind of noise level. The Polishing Felt Supplier introduces the sound insulation principle and production principle of sound insulation felt.

Principle of sound insulation

Acoustic materials can be divided into sound-absorbing materials and sound insulation materials according to their different functions. Sound absorption is mainly to solve the noise (echo) caused by the reflection of sound. The sound absorption material can reduce the reflected energy of the incident sound source, so as to achieve the true effect of the original sound source. The sound insulation felt mainly solves the transmission of sound and makes the main body feel noisy in the space. The sound insulation material can reduce the transmission energy of the sound source, thereby achieving the quiet state of the main body space. The damping sound insulation felt has a large area density and strong internal damping performance, and it is not easy to generate vibration. Adhering to the veneer can also prevent the veneer from vibrating, which makes the noise lose the possibility of vibration transmission, thereby achieving the effect of sound insulation. It is the most widely used sound insulation material in China.

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Soundproof felt making principle:

The manufacturing principle of sound insulation felt is to use the principle of pressure, so that the thin and curved wool fibers are tangled together to become smaller and firmer, and then they can be free as required. After the reform and opening up, China not only produced all industrial felts, but also more complex special felt products. According to statistics, there are about 3,000 kinds of felt products that can be produced in China now. It has made certain contributions to the development of China's aerospace, defense industry, machine manufacturing, petrochemicals, transportation, electromechanical and electronic, health, and light and textile industries. In the great process of building a socialist market economy, with the advancement of science and technology, the felt manufacturing industry will surely develop at a faster pace!

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