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Use Of Greenhouse Insulation Felt

Dec. 05, 2019

Greenhouse insulation is a by-product of development with the development of agriculture, especially in recent years the emergence of the greenhouse, resulting in a large number of greenhouse related things are also progressing, including the greenhouse insulation felt, has been receiving attention, how to use it correctly? Let's take a look following the Polyester Wool felts Manufacturer.

Transport and storage:

1. During transportation, the felt should be moved gently. Do not wear, tear, or puncture.

2. When the shed is unloaded the next year, choose a sunny day to dry the Polyester Wool Felt on the shed and dry it for 1-2 days. After all the insulation material is dried, seal the damaged parts such as the opening line, roll it up and keep it, or put it on the top of the shed with a black waterproof plastic film to seal it. It is forbidden to expose to rain for a long time.

Polyester Wool Felt

Preparations before going to the shed:

1. Prepare sandbags on the east and west sides of the shed, connect the ropes, and use a nylon rope of the same length for each felt.

2. The rolling rod of the roller shutter is provided with a fixing nut every 0.5 meters, which is helpful for fixing the insulation felt through the steel wire.

3. To purchase the non-woven insulation greenhouse, the supporting equipment of the roller shutter is used. Because the felt is not thick, it cannot be used with a large head roller shutter.


1. After covering with wool felts sheets, the wall on the east and west sides of the shed should be pressed 30 cm, and pressed tightly with sandbags.

2. When the insulation material covers the lower end of the greenhouse, if there is water on the ground, the accumulated water should be removed to prevent the felt from getting wet.

3. The felt is placed on top of the back wall of the greenhouse, and it should be fixed at the center of the roof so that the roof has a certain slope to the north.

4. When using felt, the overlap seam between the two beds should not be less than 10 cm.