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Use of Wool Felt

Mar. 09, 2020

Linoleum is one of the emergency items needed in the leakage of oily products, especially one of the indispensable tools to reduce the pollution in the event of leakage at sea, lakes, etc. The quality of our products is high and the price is favorable. The characteristics and uses of linoleum are introduced by Polishing Felt Supplier. Linoleum is used in a small area leakage event. It only absorbs oil and does not absorb water. When the oil absorbed in the object reaches a saturated state, the item floats on the water without sinking into the water. Linoleum is widely used in oil pollution cleaning in aviation, petrochemical, and machinery manufacturing industries. At the same time, the leaked oil absorbed at sea can be recycled to prevent the spread of oil pollution areas at sea.

Industrial Wool Felt

Linoleum is suitable for the treatment and prevention of possible oil pollution and chemical leakage areas, including factory manufacturing, automobile transportation, and shipping, petroleum companies, chemical plants, oil spill treatment in inland waters, ports, terminals, power plants, food industry, etc. Clear the place of leaking liquid.

1. Industrial manufacturing is used in all places where liquid leakage or oil and chemical storage and distribution may occur.

2.Automotive, aircraft and train manufacturing plants, plastics plants, injection plants, factories, steel plants and mines, machinery plants, metal processing plants, petroleum refineries, petroleum companies, shipyards, chemical plants, food processing plants, paper mills, fiber optic plants, Cable factory, oil/chemical storage company, refinery, oil depot.

3. Maritime oil spills should be assisted by first aid, ports and docks, coastal defense, shipping vessels, fire protection departments, and environmental cleaning companies.

Oil-absorbing felt after-treatment:

After the linoleum absorbs oil, the oil can be squeezed out, reused, and finally treated by a combustion method. The recovered linoleum should be incinerated in an incinerator in time to prevent secondary pollution.

Our company provides industrial wool felt.