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What If The Felt Has An Odor?

May. 29, 2019

Felt products are really low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but after using them for a while, they will give off an unpleasant smell that is unbearable. Most of this problem is caused by the felt being damp. As a Decorative Wool Felt Supplier, we have the following recommendations.

The solution is simple: just put it in the sun and sun. Indeed, they are not only durable, but they can also be directly recycled and reused when not in use, and they are truly worthy of the name of low-carbon environmental protection. In addition, the felt insulation function is good, and can be used as heat insulation and heat preservation material, and can be used as heat insulation, heat preservation, and flame retardant materials through flame retardant treatment. Good wear resistance can be used as polishing and polishing materials. The rise of odor is a very good solution.

Decorative Wool Felt

The felt is made of natural wool, and the production process is based on the mutual crossover and bonding of the flakes of the wool itself. Main features: Because the felting machine is good, flexible and not easy to lose, it can be used as shockproof, sealed, cushioned, punched and cut into various shapes. According to the characteristics of the felt, the structure is tight, and the pores are small, which can be used as a good oil filter material.

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