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Wool Felt Manufacturing Method

May. 21, 2019

As a Polyester Wool Felt Manufacturer, we have summarized the method of making wool felt to share with you. The method of making felt is to use the basic principle of wool felt - wool felting. The surface of the wool fiber is covered with a scale of wool-like scales, which has a small coefficient of friction along the length of the fiber, that is, from the root to the top of the fiber, and a large coefficient of friction from the top to the root. This property is known as the directional friction effect. The wool scales are composed of three layers of skin layers. The inner skin of the innermost layer and the outer skin of the middle layer are hydrophilic, and swell when absorbed by water. However, since the outer skin of the outer layer is hydrophobic and does not swell, therefore, The wool scales flare outward like bimetals, enhancing the effect of directional friction. At the time of washing, the alkali and temperature will enhance this phenomenon. In this state, if the woolen fabric is subjected to smashing, the wool fiber moves toward the root of the hair, and the entanglement envelops the mesh. This phenomenon is called felting.

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