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Wool Felts Sleeves Can be used in Multiple Fields

Aug. 09, 2019

Felt is widely used in many fields and industries because the felt itself has great advantages, for example, it is elastic and can be used as a material for shockproof, sealing, cushioning and elastic wire felt, and there are many forms of felt. Such as Industrial Wool Felts, Wool Felts Sleeves, felt cloth, and the like.

There are many functions of wool felt, and there are many kinds of blends. Its comprehensive characteristics can meet the requirements of various industries and indicators. The felt functions at normal temperatures ranging from 60°F to 180°F. Even up to 250°F, if allowed to restore its natural moisture cycle. This is the most hydrocarbon inert and most other chemicals. Felt is even resistant to acid. However, wool fibers can be damaged by alkaline substances. Custom Wool Felts are not easily ignited and usually extinguished unless exposed to a constant temperature ignition point. If only one kind of raw material is used to produce a certain type of felt, when the raw wool is used up or its properties change, it will cause fluctuations in production and affect the quality of the product. 

Wool Felts Sleeves

Wool Felts Sleeves

The essence is to mix several kinds of raw materials with different properties to form a mixture, which has the comprehensive characteristics of various raw materials. This comprehensive characteristic should meet the requirements of various specifications for the production of felts and the quality of felt products. Wool Felts Sleeves can be used in many fields, such as machinery, electromechanical, chemical, mining, textile, transportation, home appliances, electronic equipment and so on.