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How to Clean Wool Felts' Products?

Jun. 25, 2019

By the unique reductive and elastic properties of wool fiber, wool products can be more durable than other natural fibers and man-made fiber products if they are regularly and properly cleaned. Please take care of the Wool Felts fabric according to the care instructions on the product tag to ensure a long-lasting look and feel.

Wool Felts

Wool Felts

The methods collected by Decorative Wool Felt Supplier to clean wool felts are the following:

Wool felt products can be cleaned, but the following requirements must be observed:

1. Wash with cold water and do not bleach.

2. Choose a neutral lotion marked with a pure wool logo and no bleach.

3. Wash by hands alone, do not use the washing machine to avoid damage to the shape.

4. When cleaning, use light hand pressure, and the dirty part should be gently washed. Do not brush with brush.

5. Use shampoo and moisturizing to reduce the phenomenon of raising the ball.

6. After cleaning, hang it in a ventilated place and dry it naturally. Do not expose it to sunlight. For drying, please use low temperature drying.